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Massage therapy is an awesome tool to help take control of your health. It can assist with standard treatment of a wide range of medical conditions/situations. Best news of all? Now being offered at The Fit Chix complex with One in Mind and Body, owner Amy Cieslik is now a licensed massage therapist. Contact her for a massage therapy appointment or catch her for 10-minute walk in neck massages on Tuesday nights during classes or other TBA times. Only $5.00 for the 10 minutes. Benefits of this therapy can include:

  1. Reduce stress and help with relaxation;

  2. Reduce pain and sore tense muscles;

  3. Lower heart rate;

  4. Lower blood pressure;

  5. Improve your energy and circulation;

  6. Increase immune functionality.

Massage is just not a way to pamper yourself anymore. Get in touch with your well being by scheduling a massage today!

S Sokeland


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Time for me to fly

Oh, I've got to set myself free

Time for me to fly

And that's just how it's got to be . . . REO Speedwagon

Bungee fitness. It's a mix of cardio, strength training and basically a full body workout while attached to a harness and bungee cord. Being attached to the cord gives you the benefit of a low impact workout that is easy on the joints. You can do those lunges, squats and jumps! And you know the Chix, it's all choreographed to rock and roll and pop music!

The Chix are now the first in the area to offer a bungee program we call "Chix in Flight". Currently offering a beginner bungee class titled "Take Off" on Saturday mornings at 9:00 am and 10:00 am, you can register for this class on our website via the Bungee Class tab. It will direct you to Set up a profile, register and pay. Be sure to put your phone number in so we can call you if there is a cancellation and you are on the waitlist! Every class includes a safety section, a movements section and a choreo section. One hour in length including harnessing participants. All bungee classes are $10.00 for all participants; but now offering a bungee package of buy 3 get one free. Intermediate bungee class and a bungee bootcamp coming later this year.

Wanna fly with the Chix? Grab your wings and let's go. We provide the in-flight entertainment.

We know it hurts to say goodbye

But it's time for me to fly . . .

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Water, water everywhere! How much water do you need on a daily basis and what are the benefits?

In general, 4-6 cups for healthy people. That can vary with exercise and the heat. Plus, all beverages contain water, including caffeinated. These can be dehydrating but they do add to a net positive contribution to total fluids consumed. However water is still the best choice. Sugar leads to weight gain and inflammation. Drink your fluids gradually through the day and eat water-rich foods. Benefits of water:

Carries nutrients and oxygen to cells.

Flushes toxins.


Normal blood pressure.

Stabilizes heartbeat.

Cushion joints.

Regulate temp.

Check your water intake by buying a large jug that labels the fluid ounces and or keep track on a fitness app such as My Fitness Pal.

Keep fluid and stay hydrated! Love, The Chix

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