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Massage therapy is an awesome tool to help take control of your health. It can assist with standard treatment of a wide range of medical conditions/situations. Best news of all? Now being offered at The Fit Chix complex with One in Mind and Body, owner Amy Cieslik is now a licensed massage therapist. Contact her for a massage therapy appointment or catch her for 10-minute walk in neck massages on Tuesday nights during classes or other TBA times. Only $5.00 for the 10 minutes. Benefits of this therapy can include:

  1. Reduce stress and help with relaxation;

  2. Reduce pain and sore tense muscles;

  3. Lower heart rate;

  4. Lower blood pressure;

  5. Improve your energy and circulation;

  6. Increase immune functionality.

Massage is just not a way to pamper yourself anymore. Get in touch with your well being by scheduling a massage today!

S Sokeland


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