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Please click the link below to go to Class Fit to register for Bungee Class. You may need to complete this step on a computer rather than a mobile device.


For your safety, we require attending at least one beginner class prior to attending Intermediate. You must RSVP due to limited class space. Once you are registered you can download the Class Fit App from you mobile device App Store or go to the Class Fit link on this website to sign up for a class. Please do not use Mighty Networks app to register for Bungee classes as that App no longer has that function.

This class has a weight limit of 300 lbs.



Beginner (Dance fitness on a bungee!) Thursdays at 7:00 pm  60 min   $10  

Beginner Saturday at 9 am  60 min   $10

Circuit (Tabata style circuit with weights and bodyweight exercises) Saturday at 10:30 am  30 min   $5


Get a free class with a Package available on Class Fit.

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