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A love of dance first brought the Chix together. 3 of us met at Zumba class in 2010, the 4th came aboard 5 years ago in a U-Jam class. What does dance bring to the fitness table? Clearly cardio vascular benefits, strength training weight loss, flexibility and fun . . . but a side benefit can be a boost in your memory!

Studies show learning choreo can prevent developing dementia . . a 76% reduced risk. Aerobic exercise can reverse volume loss in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that controls memory.

So keep your memory skills sharp by taking your favorite latin, hip hop, line dance or ballroom class. Per the Chix . . . . Just Dance!

6/25/21 SS

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Want to feel better and have more energy?

Walk up a flight of stairs without being winded?

Play with your children and grandchildren?

Shop Black Friday?

Run a 5-K or a marathon?

Just exercise. Decide to make a change and take the first step by finding the exercise format that's right for you. Dance, running, weight lifting, yoga . . . you decide! Make sure it motivates you and empowers you. Recommendation is 150 minutes per week of moderate or 75 minutes per week of vigorous exercise or a combo. Strength training at least 2 x per week. Space out your activities.

And the benefits are endless . . . .

  • Controls weight.

  • Combats health conditions.

  • Improves mood.


  • Better sleep habits

  • Socialization.

  • Achieve Goals

  • Strength and Flexibility

  • Memory

  • Better Work Performance

  • Live Longer

Ahhh, the Power of Exercise!!!! 6-22-21 SS

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