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Travelin' CHIX

Yes, the Chix love a good event. We set up the pink pop up tent at The Women's Expo at the Boys and Girls Club Saturday to spread some Fit Chix love. We got great attendance from current students and we hope potential future students! We passed out a lot of class calendars and flyers on the new Fit Chix App (haven't downloaded it yet?. . . what are you waiting for!) Rockin' Rebels got a lot of traffic as well--who doesn't love to shop! Cheryl Wigley was the winner of the basket giveaway, including a free monthly Fit Chix pass. Want to travel with us in the future? Watch for upcoming events including another possible local market in September or October.

  • Fit Chix Anniversary Party 2 -- Fit Chix Studio Thursday Sept 23 6:00 pm

  • Fit Chix Fitness Fest--Fit Chix Studio Saturday Sept 25 (TBD)

  • Lawrence County Half Marathon Fit Chix Water Stop--Oct 1

When we do publicity for the Chix we always make it a rowdy fun good time and spread our energy and love of fitness to the masses! Hop on board the Fit Chix fun bus and join the party! SS 7/26/2021

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