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The Gymtimidator . . . Conquer your Fears!

GYMTIMIDATION. Yes, it's a real word and a real thing! Ever have low self esteem when faced with an intimidating or possibly awkward situation at the gym. Usually because of your fear of your fitness level and uncertainty on how to use certain pieces of equipment. Everyone faces this form of anxiety. . . even instructors who were once students. Here's some tips for punching that Gymtimidator right out of your life so you can be the healthy and fit person you want to become!

  1. Plan your workout. Decide what you want to accomplish.

  2. Focus on your workout. Don't compare yourself to others or be afraid they are watching you. Concentrate on you and remind yourself I'm doing a great job.

  3. Wear proper clothes. Much easier to work out when you have comfortable gear and shoes.

  4. Talk to the instructor. Worried about catching onto the moves? Ask the Chix after class. They will be more than happy to break it down for you. Instructors are here to help.

  5. Take a tour! Check out the gym or studio before coming and watch a class and see what to expect!

  6. Exercise at off peak hours. If at a gym go when there are less people. Or take a class with a lower or higher attendance depending on your comfort zone. Higher attendance = you blend into the crowd. Lower attendance=more one on one from instructor.

  7. Friendship, friendship . . . it's the perfect blendship. Friends travel in packs. Bring a friend or a mentor to class. More relaxed. You will have more fun. And you may make a whole new set of friends.

  8. Practice. Nothing wrong with practicing that Kick Ball Change hip hop move at home in front of the mirror. All monthly Chix pass holders get free access to the online videos. Practice at home.

  9. CONFIDENCE. Believe and keep coming. No one gets the moves the first time they take a class. You have to come several times. Who knows . . . come often and maybe someday you will be leading a class.


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