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How Bout Dem 'Robics?

Aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise? What's the difference and which do you think is better for you?

Aerobic exercise means "with oxygen", like walking, running, dance classes, etc. You are moving your body and breathing faster for an extended period of time.

Anaerobic exercise means "without oxygen" and includes short and intense activities. You are working at full capacity for a short period of time. Weigh lifting, squats, plyometric jumps and sprints would qualify.

So which would you want to do for weight loss. The Chix vote both, however there are pros and cons to both! Aerobic exercise at a steady pace is great for endurance and cardio vascular training. Anaerobic activities usually include HIIT which means an intense workout in a shorter period of time. You will burn more calories and increase metabolism. But it is not always for every participant as you may have to work your way up to the required level. Both exercise formats are beneficial to a well rounded routine.

Most Chix classes include both forms intermittently. You may do aerobic activity and then short bursts of anaerobic. Our Piyo class is primarily anaerobic. So take your pick, Chixters! Go for muscle endurance and calorie burn in all our classes. Remember, to "aer" is human, to "anaer" divine! (My little joke!) Whatever you do, get to Fit Chix and get in shape! Luv ya, signed The Chix.

9/21/21 SS

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