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We're The Kids in America!

Fitness for children! Several fitness formats have developed programs for children including Zumba, Pound and Jazzercise. You might think why would kids today need fitness programs to stay healthy. They should be out playing, riding their bicycles, walking . . . but times have changed. Hand held game devices and TV have become the norm for the way many of the youth today spend their free time. Children need exercise though for obvious reasons:

  • Sleep better--Physically active kids sleep better.

  • Obesity and Weight issues.--The percentage of obese kids has doubled in the past 30 years. All children need to be active to combat weight problems.

  • Develops Healthy Habits--Get them started exercising while young and they will form good habits for adulthood.

  • Improves Behavior

  • Fights Disease

Adults need exercise. So do children. The Chix led Generation Pound and Dance for children at The Fall Fun Day at Bedford Parks. The children loved it. So what did we notice was different for us as instructors leading for the young generation?

  • Keep the moves simple.

  • Fewer songs for a smaller class. Most of the children only had an attention span of 2 songs.

  • Add games. Generation Pound provides games for a break.

  • Describe the moves in terms children will understand, i.e.: Reach for the stars, ice cream scoop, put on the seat belt, start the lawnmower, shark bite.

  • Get on the same level as the children. In other words, put on your kid hat and act like a kid!

Remember, kids 12-under take classes free with their parents at Fit Chix. They may not be able to make it the whole way but usually can do a few songs. So, hey kids of America, get up and exercise. Whatever way works best for you!

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