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We'll go Down in History! Fit Chix Timeline!

May 2010. 3 of the "OC" Original Chix (Amy, Bobbie and Susan) meet at Zumba at Kat's Performing Arts and all end up dancing for the jazz/hip hop class: Think MC Hammer Can't Touch This and Taylor Swift Shake it Off at Kats recital. If you didn't see the recital, you missed out.

Summer 2012. Susan subs classes on Saturdays at Kat's and the OC joins Priority Fitness to take classes.

2013. Susan gets Zumba licensed and starts impromptu Saturday morning class that includes the OC as practice. Pfit adds it to the schedule that fall.

September 2014. Susan adds Turbokick and Zumba step to certifications.

September 2015. U-Jam Fitness added to certifications. Becomes very popular class. Vicki Baker joins Summer of 2016 and meets the rest of the OC in U-Jam Fitness class. Emily Cuba starts taking classes at Priority Fitness in 2016 and becomes part of the U-Jam gang. Diane Banker takes classes at Pfit as well.

January 2017. Pound comes to Bedford with first class at Pfit in June.

August 2017. Amy, Bobbie and Susan attend U-Jam Fitness Unity Fest in San Francisco, CA. Amy and Bobbie decide to get U-Jam Fitness certified that fall at a training held at Pfit.

2017. Amy begins leading for Healthy Balance Wellness Center and gets additional certifications in Piyo, Rumble and Transform. Bobbie begins leading for Mitchell Fitness Center. The OC start Saturday choreo jams to learn and teach U-Jam choreography.

2018. Susan and Vicki attend a WERQ Fitness training in South Bend, IN, with a mutual shared love of energizing hip hop. WERQ comes to Pfit November 2018. Vicki has rotator cuff surgery but begins subbing for classes early 2019. Bobbie leaves Mitchell Fitness Center. Amy is still leading for Healthy Balance. Unbeknownst to the Chix, the stage is set for a major change

June 2019. Susan leaves Priority Fitness and takes dance and Pound to Bedford Parks.

August 2019. Wilson Park Shelter is not suited for dancing due to concrete floor. Susan starts searching for a place to lead one dance class one night a week. She is directed to Joey Beyers by Leap of Faith Studio. He mentions a 3700 square foot room with dance floor and mirrors he owns on corner of 16th and I. A quick tour of the facility by Susan and Vicki leads to the realization that this could be more than one dance class. Calls are made to the other two OC and they are in.

September 2019. An LLC is formed and Fit Chix is born. Opening party scheduled for end of month. Attended by 35. It just kind of happened folks. it was never really planned--just meant to be. Susan: Manager; Bobbie: Financial; Vicki: Videographer/Marketing; Amy: Fitness Consultant.

October 2019. Chix attend Midwest Mania in Chicago to discover new formats to bring to Bedford. Amy gets personal training and Susan gets group ex certification. Susan gets trained in Barre Above. Bobbie finds Speedball. Vicki gets strong with Strong Nation. New classes start first of 2020.

March 2020. Covid hits and lockdown shuts down Fit Chix for almost 8 weeks. The OC start meeting in The Bunker (Cieslik basement) and start Virtual Chix online classes for the students. This is now what you know as Chix on Demand.

2020. Boo. Enough said. The Chix hung on by sheer determination and get a street presence in the summer with addition of Rockin Rebels Boutique and sign on window. A bright light enters the scene when Emily Cuba comes to the dark side at Fit Chix as front desk staff/customer service. Also in November with the arrival of student Hayley McLaughlin.

2021 The Year of Growth! Hayley trained in Piloxing and becomes instructor and VA assistant to Fit Chix. Missy Sears joins with line dancing. The Chix attend events. The Chix App was developed by Haley. Student membership grows. The boutique gets a remodel with one impressive 80s rock mural by Vicki Baker. McKenna Sokeland and Diane Banker joins staff of Rockin Rebels as clerks. Phone and internet added. Square systems for payments.

2022. New Year New Me starts with a bungee demo. Vicki Baker opens a successful tattoo studio Rebel Rose at the Chix complex. Diane Banker in training to lead Pop Pilates. Bungee classes coming in March. The Chix host business after hours for the Chamber.

The future is unknown for Fit Chix. But we know we couldn't be successful without the support of all of you students and for that we are always grateful. Love ya, The Chix: Amy, Bobbie, Susan, Vicki, Haley, Emily, Diane and Missy.

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