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Be prepared to defend yourself! The 10/9/21 Chix Chat included a powerful demonstration of self defense tactics for women presented by our very own Vicki Baker.

1. Be Aware. Check out your surroundings. Park nearby so you can easily leave.

2. Learn How to carry yourself. Stand talk and look others in the eye.

3. Be prepared. A demonstration was shown on a cross-body bag escape. When it comes to a choice of you or your possessions RUN. Possessions can be replaced. Have your keys out when leaving a building and carry them between your fingers for protection.

4. Not all assaults look like assaults when they start. Trust your instincts. Get out of a situation quickly when your intuition sends you signals.

5. Develop good practices. Never leave by yourself. Practice the buddy system.

6. If you find yourself cornered, FIGHT LIKE A WILD ANIMAL. Your life may depend on it.

Chixters! Stay safe and stay together!!!

Vicki Baker/SS 10/13/21

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